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Edit folder name in Document library throws ORA-00932 inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB


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      Steps to reproduce
      1. Create a new Role
      2. Give the newly created role all permissions related to document library, including access in control panel.
      3. Create a new user, and associate it to the created role, make sure no administrator role is assigned to this user.
      4. login as this user, and go to control panel.
      5. In the document library in control panel, add a folder.
      6. Edit the added folder, change the name and save it. It throws ORA-00932 inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB in the console/log.

      The error seems to be due to the query below - it uses DISTINCT with dlfileentry.extrasettings which is a CLOB and hence throws the error.

      SELECT DISTINCT dlfileentry.fileentryid AS fileentr1_72_0_,
      dlfileentry.uuid_ AS uuid2_72_0_,
      dlfileentry.groupid AS groupid72_0_,
      dlfileentry.companyid AS companyid72_0_,
      dlfileentry.userid AS userid72_0_,
      dlfileentry.username AS username72_0_,
      dlfileentry.versionuserid AS versionu7_72_0_,
      dlfileentry.versionusername AS versionu8_72_0_,
      dlfileentry.createdate AS createdate72_0_,
      dlfileentry.modifieddate AS modifie10_72_0_,
      dlfileentry.folderid AS folderid72_0_,
      dlfileentry.NAME AS name72_0_,
      dlfileentry.extension AS extension72_0_,
      dlfileentry.title AS title72_0_,
      dlfileentry.description AS descrip15_72_0_,
      dlfileentry.extrasettings AS extrase16_72_0_,
      dlfileentry.VERSION AS version72_0_,
      dlfileentry.size_ AS size18_72_0_,
      dlfileentry.readcount AS readcount72_0_
      FROM dlfileentry dlfileentry INNER JOIN resourcepermission
      ON ( (dlfileentry.userid = 16128)
      OR (resourcepermission.companyid = 10130)
      AND (resourcepermission.NAME =
      AND (resourcepermission.roleid IN
      (10140, 10145, 15650)
      AND (MOD (resourcepermission.actionids, 2) = 1)
      AND ( ( (resourcepermission.SCOPE = 1)
      AND (resourcepermission.primkey = '10130')
      OR ( (resourcepermission.SCOPE = 2)
      AND (resourcepermission.primkey = '13721')
      OR ( (resourcepermission.SCOPE = 4)
      AND (resourcepermission.primkey =
      WHERE dlfileentry.groupid = 13721 AND dlfileentry.folderid = 14527
      ORDER BY dlfileentry.folderid ASC, dlfileentry.NAME ASC


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