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Using the verify email URL while logged in does not redirect to the site home page



      Reproducing steps

      1. Make sure the portal property company.security.strangers.verify is set to true.
      2. Login as Admin and configure an email server in _Server Administration > Email_.
      3. To avoid having problems with blacklisted email senders, go to _Control Panel > Instance Settings > Email > Email Sender_ and change _[email protected]_ to some other non-blacklisted email (it can be a fake one).
      4. Sign out.
      5. Click on Sign in and then on Create Account.
      6. Fill out the form and click on Save.
      7. There's a message: "Thank you for creating an account. Your email verification code was sent to [email protected] Use your password to log in."
      8. The view prompts the user to log in. Enter the password and click on Sign In.
      9. The next view is the one to Verify the Email Address. You should have received by now an email with subject "http://localhost:8080: Email Address Verification".
      10. Instead of entering the Email Verification Code manually, use the URL provided in the same email in a new tab. This automatically fills out the Email Verification Code field.
      11. Click on Verify.
      12. Change the password as requested (if needed; this step can be removed if the Default Password Policy is changed in _Control Panel > SECURITY > Password Policies > Default Password Policy > Change Required_).

      Expected: The user is logged in to the home page of the site.
      Observed: The user is logged in but still can see the Verify Email Address form (fill out). The URL in the browser is still something like http://localhost:8080/c/portal/verify_email_address?ticketKey=f5233f35-6643-c696-8bc5-9aec89e1f817&p_l_id=6

      _Note:_ Manually filling out the field Email Verification Code does produce the expected behavior.


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