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Create the Masterclass site initializer module. First Iteration



      This first iteration of creating the Masterclass site initializer module is not intended to deliver a final version of the initializer. What is sought in this first phase is to create the main structure of the initializer so that, at least, when a site is created from it, all the elements it contains are generated and displayed.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. When the site initializer Masterclass module is deployed, then I can see it among the site templates available to create a new site, and I can create a new site from it.
      2. When the site is created, then I can see the following elements included in the site:
      • Stylebooks:
        • Masterclass Classic
      • Fragment collections:
        • Masterclass
          • Masterclass-absolute-container
          • Masterclass-border
          • Masterclass-button
          • Masterclass-cookie-banner
          • Masterclass-footer
          • Masterclass-heading
          • Masterclass-hero
          • Masterclass-image
          • Masterclass-link
          • Masterclass-navbar
          • Masterclass-navbar-classroom
          • Masterclass-sign-in
          • Masterclass-slider
          • Masterclass-subscribe-form
          • Masterclass-tabs
          • Masterclass-text-block
          • Masterclass-user
          • Masterclass-video
          • Masterclass-video-map
          • Masterclass-video-player
      • Page Templates
        • Masters
          • Main-1
          • Main-2
          • Private Area
        • Display Page Templates
          • Blog Entry
          • Classroom
          • Course
      • Pages
        • Public Pages
          • Home
          • 404
          • Account Settings
          • Apply
          • Blog
          • My Courses
          • Notifications
          • Sign In
        • Private Pages
          • Private
      • Collections
        • Blog Entries
        • Featured Blog Entries
        • Courses
        • Teachers
        • Classrooms
      • Web content
        • Structures
          • Teacher
          • Course
          • Classroom
          • Blog
        • Templates
          • Teacher
          • Course
          • Classroom
          • Blog
        • Content
          • Teachers (5)
          • Courses (3)
          • Classroom (3)
          • Blog (9)
      • Documents and media (29)
      • Categories
        • Masterclass (Vocabulary)
          • Design
          • Management
          • Marketing

      How to test

      1. Start the default DXP portal (without the LOL)
      2. Go to control panel > sites > add new site "+" > choose the template "Masterclass" > give it a name > save.

      Test Scenarios

      Test Scenarios Test Strategy Kind of test Is it covered by FrontEnd ? (JS-Unit) Is it covered by BackEnd ? (unit or integration) Could it be covered by POSHI?
      Create a Site with the Masterclass Site initializer Critical Manual  No Initialization of a site with the new type of site initializer (incl. Raylife and Bootcamp) is partially tested by site-initializer/site-initializer-extender/site-initializer-extender-test Yes
      View the Masterclass Stylebook Classic Theme High Manual  No  No Yes
      View the Masterclass Fragments Collections High Manual  No No  Yes
      View the Masterclass Page Templates High Manual  No No  Yes
      View the Masterclass Pages High Manual  No No  Yes
      View the Masterclass Collections Mid Manual  No No  Yes
      View the Masterclass Web Content High Manual  No No  Yes
      View the Masterclass Documents and Media High Manual  No No  Yes
      View the Masterclass Categories Mid Manual  No No  Yes


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