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Collection Display Fragment - Support Mapping Repeatable Web Content Fields



      One of the gaps I think exists at the moment is support for mapping "repeatable fields" in a web content item. For example - let's say I do this:

      1. Create a new Structure called "FAQ"
      2. Add two fields - a text field for Question, and a RTF for Answer
      3. Then I create several Web Content Items - each representing an individual FAQ item
      4. I create a new Collection calls "FAQs" and configure it to pull Web Content Articles of Type FAQ
      5. Now I go to my page and add the collection fragment, configure it to use my FAQs collection and then map the fields.

      This works, and the FAQs render of course. But let's say I want to control the ordering of the FAQ items. This gets a little more complicated. Many implementations (customers) that need this kind of capability will choose to create a single FAQ web content item and make the "set" of Question+Answer a repeatable field. In this case however you can't map the item to the collection, despite the fact that, in a way, repeatable fields represent collections.

      I think it would be great if the configuration for a Collection Display fragment could provide two options. One that allows you to choose a "Collection" (as it does now) but a secondary option where you can choose a Web Content item, and then in the Fields drop down, choose the repeatable field (even better if the only options that displayed would be just the fields that are repeatable). 



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