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Raylife D2C Insurance Application UI Enhancements



      The following are enhancements requests for the Raylife D2C UI:

      Raylife Homepage:

      • Hero image should stay aligned with the left of the viewport

      The product is not on this page anymore.  

      Changes in general that impact multiple pages: 

      • Search input should auto-focus on page load so a user can begin typing right away (auto-focus on the first field of each page) <- Only using on Zip code (Home page) For now.
      • Inputs, buttons, and radios need focus state. User browser default focus outline if easiest, otherwise Abel can define an outline style. <- will have its own story
      • Reloading the form starts over at the beginning with no changes saved.  Desired behavior:  return user to current step in the form, but if that's not possible, display a warning message display to the user when closing or reloading the page that progress will be lost unless saved.
        • Use the browser's default reload warning message
        • Example:  "Reload site? Changes you made may not be saved"
      • Title Text within Radio selections shows the default cursor when you hover over it.  Instead, it should show the Finger Pointer cursor - This also happens on the Product Selection page and should also be updated 

      Info Panels:

      • The Info Panels on each page should remain "sticky" within the area of the form (not scroll past the top of the screen) when the user scrolls down the page Removed from scope since it became too complex to develop on this story, will have a story on it's own.

      “Select a Product” Page:

      • Change product default so that it should default to the selected product on the home page

      • Update dollar amount styling to match the mocks - remove the ".00" and make sure the typography matches









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