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As an Account User belonging to only one Account, I do not want to view the Accounts table.



      When a non-Account Administrator User is only a member of one Account, the View/Navigate screen featuring the Account table becomes moot, as there is nothing the User can do from the Table View that cannot be done within the View/Edit Account experience itself. Therefore, the View/Navigate Accounts page shall be excluded from the experience of an Account User belonging to only one Account.

      The optimal experience is an abridged user profile administration experience, especially considering that not all websites will have access to the personal menu (where user profile administration would usually be reached via Account Settings).

      Functional Requirements:

      1. A User belonging to only one Account shall not have access to the View/Navigate Accounts page.
      2. There shall be two tabs:
        1. Account Details with the following sections and fields:
          1. Account Display Data
            1. Account Name (read only)
            2. Type (read only)
            3. Tax ID (read only)
            4. Account ID (read only)
            5. Description (read only)
          2. Default Account Addresses
            1. BillingĀ (read only)
            2. Shipping (read only)
        2. My Profile with the following fields:
          1. User Display Data
            1. Screen Name (read only)
            2. Profile Pic
            3. Email address
          2. Personal Information
            1. Language
            2. Prefix
            3. First Name
            4. Middle Name
            5. Last Name
            6. Suffix
          3. Password
            1. Current
            2. New
            3. Enter Again
          4. Reminder
            1. Question
            2. Answer

      *If a User is a member of no Accounts, they will not have access to this experience. Instead, they will simply navigate to the My Profile page.


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