The Content dashboard now supports Web Content and Documents. However that support is ad-hoc (and inside the content-dashboard-web module), and adding support for other entities (such as blogs, wiki pages, objects, etc...) is not easy, and virtually impossible for external developers.

      Since we have now 2 different implementations (Web contents & Documents), we have enough information to determine which APIs must be created / modified in order to support contributions of new entities from external modules. We should leverage the info-api for this.

      Before studying the problem in detail, as a starting point, these would be some of the jobs to be done:

      1. Remove all the occurrences of JournalArticle and FileEntry from the content-dashboard-web module. This module should only interact with the info-api. Code specific to those entities should be moved to the document-library and journal applications.
      2. We might need to extend the info-api (or create a new content-dashboard specific API) to support the complex search queries performed by the Content Dashboard. The content dashboard should build the final queries independently from the entities being supported. Those entities should contribute to the query via an extension point from the original modules (journal & document-library).
      3. Some of the filters (like the extensions one) are specific to 1 kind of entity (FileEntry). There should be a mechanism to contribute filters from the outside world and move the extension filter to the document-library modules.

      Once this is finished, adding support for blogs or wiki pages should be almost straightforward and require a very small amount of code.






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