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As an account administrator inviting users to an account using the Account Management widget, I want users to be automatically added as site members to the site I am currently in



      Given that the Account Management widget is used within the context of a Site, new Users to an Account require Site membership for access. Commerce's implementation of the widget solved this issue by automatically adding a new Account User as a member of the Site. Commerce is implementing a temporary workaround to this gap in functionality in parallel to U&SM's longer term solution.

      Functional Requirements:

      1. Site admins shall have the option to configure the widget for automatic Site membership for new Account Users.
        1. When toggled, new Account Users added to an Account are automatically granted Site membership to the Site the widget is in.
        2. When untoggled, new Account users added to an Account do not get Site membership to the Site the widget is in.
      2. When an Account a User is a member of becomes Inactive, the User shall retain their membership to the Account, but their membership to the Site will be revoked.
        1. When the said Account becomes Active again, the User's Site membership will depend on if automatic Site membership is allowed at the time the Account is reinstated
          1. e.g., Given User A who is a member of Account X, if automatic Site membership is opted-in at the time Account X goes from Inactive to Active, then User A will also automatically regain Site membership;
          2. otherwise, if automatic Site membership is not opted-in at the time of Account reinstatement, then User A will not automatically regain Site membership.
      3. When an Account a User is a member of is deleted, the User's Site membership shall also be revoked.


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