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When propagating fragment changes, only one instance of the fragment is updated per page



      In LPS-128652, we modified the behavior of the "updateLatestChanges" method, so that it only one instance of a fragment, rather than updating all instances of that fragment on the page.

      This causes a problem with the Propagate command to propagate fragments' changes, since now only one instance of a fragment will ever get updated on a page. If you have multiple instances of the same fragment on a page, only one of those instances will be updated when you perform the Propagate operation.

      Steps to reproduce
      1. Start up Liferay and log in as the admin user.
      2. Navigate to Design > Fragments and create a new fragment Collection.
      3. Add a new Fragment to the collection.
      4. Add the following string to the HTML code of the Fragment:

          <p>Hello World</p>

      5. Navigate to Site Builder > Pages and create a new Blank page (a Content page).
      6. Add 2 instances of the Fragment from steps 3-4 onto the page.
      7. Publish the page.
      7. Navigate to Design > Fragments and edit the Fragment from steps 3-4
      8. Edit the string to the following and publish:

          <p>Goodbye World</p>

      9. Select the peapod menu on the Fragment from steps 3-4 and select View Usages
      10. Highlight all options and click the Propagate button
      11. Navigate to the Content page from step 5.

      Expected Result: Both fragments are updated with "Goodbye world"
      Actual Result: Only the second fragment placed on the page is updated with "Goodbye world"


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