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Page title is shown in more than one language


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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Set locale.prepend.friendly.url.style=2 in your portal-ext.properties
      2. Start Liferay DXP 7.2
      3. Access to System Settings -> Web Content -> Web Content Administration -> Enable the option to change default language
      4. Create a new site with two languages: Basque (default) and Spanish. All the steps from now on would be inside this new site.
      5. Create a new page and set an Asset Publisher on it. Access to Asset Publisher's configuration and set it as the Default Asset Publisher in that page"
      6. Access to Site Admin -> Web Content and create a new Structure and Template and link them.
      7. Create a new Web Content based on previous structure. As soon as you get into the edition page, swap the default language to Spanish. Then, select a specific display page and choose the one we create above. Set some title and save as draft, let's say the title is "Spanish title".
      8. Once saved as draft, edit it to add a basque translation, adding a different title, let's say "Basque title".
      9. Access to the page you created above asserting you are using basque as your language.
      10. Click on the content you created to show it.

      Expected behavior
      Page title (the one you can see in your browser's tab) says: "Basque title"

      Actual behavior
      Page title says: "Spanish title Basque title"




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