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Dropdown Menu of the plus button doesn’t close after a selection



      Setting up the environment:

      • Bring a branch with the Translations Manager into your local project:

      git fetch [email protected]:dsanz/liferay-portal.git LPS-134356-with-sample:[name_you_want_to_give_to_your_local_branch]

      • When on your local branch representing LPS-134356-with-sample, go to:

      cd modules/apps/journal/journal-web/

      • proceed with

      gw deploy

      If these steps don't work proceed with creating a bundle:

      • go to you local version of LPS-134356-with-sample
      • proceed with

        git clean -fdx and then ant setup-profile-portal && ant all

      • it should not be needed, but in case the Translations Manager still doesn't appear, repeat deploying with

        cd modules/apps/journal/journal-web/ and then proceed with gw deploy

      Steps to reproduce the issue:

      1. Go to the Menu > Content & Data > Web Content
      2. With Add Button add new Basic Web Content
      3. Click the flag on the left of the Title box
      4. Select Manage Translations:
      5. Click Add button on the modal of Manage Translations
      6. Select one of the available languages

      Expected behavior:
      The dropdown menu with languages list should disappear after selecting one of them

      Actual behavior:
      The dropdown menu is kept open

      More details: When administering translations, one can add new languages to the list of active locales using the + button next to the search box. That opens a selection dropdown. Once a language is selected, the dropdown is kept open.

      Design review led us know this is not standard behavior and it should be fixed: on each selection, dropdown should be closed.

      See attached video


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