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Changes after reordering experiences with Staging are not applied in life using Org and Session segments




      1. Create a Staging local with all options checked
      2. Create Organization org1 with country Afghanistan
      3. Create 2 users:
      • User1: belonging to the org1
      • User2: language Catalan (Spain)
      1. Create 3 segments:
      • Segment1: criteria Organization > Country equals Afghanistan
      • Segment2: criteria Session > Language equals Catalan (Spain)
      • Segment3: criteria Session > Signed in equals TRUE
      1. Create a Content Page
      2. Create 3 experiences:
      • Exp1: Using segment 1
      • Exp2: Using segment 2
      • Exp3: Using segment 3
      1. Reorder the experiences as the following: Exp3 > Exp2 > Exp1 > Default
      2. Publish to Live
      3. Open portal in another window (pref incognito mode)
      4. Assert that for all the users (User1, User2, Test and Guest) the Exp3 is shown
      5. Go to Staging again
      6. Reorder the experiences as the following: Exp2 > Exp2 > Default > Exp3
      7. Publish to Live

      Actual result:
      The publish to Live fails with the message:
      _"An unexpected error occurred with the publish process. Please check your portal and publishing configuration.
      The Segments Experience <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><root available-locales="en_US" default-locale="en_US"><Name language-id="en_US">Signed in</Name></root> could not be imported because of the following error: could not update: com.liferay.segments.model.impl.SegmentsExperienceImpl#41018."_

      The reorder of the experiences changes are applied in Live, so the users will see:

      • User1: Exp1
      • User2: Exp2
      • Test: Default
      • Guest: Default

      The behaviour for master and 7.2.x branches is different:

      • MASTER: Described in the Step-by-Step.
      • 7.2.x: The error message does not appear and it says that the Publish to Live is successful. However, when the different users lands on the Content Page, they all see the Default experience. If you go back to Staging again, all the experiences but Default are being deleted. Segments cannot be deleted because it says that an experience is using the segment. Please check the videos attached.

      PD: This behaviour only happens with segments using Organization and/or Session criteria. For User criteria segments this does not happen.

      Environment: localhost
      Github: https://github.com/liferay/liferay-portal.git
      Branch: master
      Bundle: Liferay DXP
      Last Commit: 05d615c76689c47990c3a2e64eb4c3bb4b8cbb1c


      • 7.2.x (The 7.2.x part 1 video describes the creation of all the needed segments, users, page and experiences, which is almos the same in 7.2.x and master. The 7.2.x part 1 is where the bug can be seen)
        [^7.2.x Part 1.webm] [^7.2.x Part 2.webm]
      • Master:


      • Chrome Latest


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