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Number of web content deletions are not shown correctly when they were published with the "From Last Publish Date" option



      Reproduction steps:

      1. Start up a clean portal instance
      2. Create a new site
      3. Activate local staging with default settings
      4. Create a new widget page: page1
      5. Create two basic web contents: content1 and content2
      6. Publish everything to live from staging menu
      7. Delete content2 in staging
      8. Go to staging publish menu and publish the web content deletion, using the "Replicate Individual Deletions" and the "From Last Publish Date" options
      9. Go to page1 and click on the "Publish to Live" button in the top right corner

      Expected result: "Changes Since Last Publication" section show no deletion changes (as the deletion has been published already)
      Actual result: It shows one web content to be deleted: "Web Content (1 Deletions)"


      • When you publish all in the advanced publication window, the problem solves itself.
      • It works in previous versions: 7.2.x and 7.1.x, since the deletion events are stored in the SystemEvent table and are deleted from there. We no longer do that since 7.3.x, as it was removed by LPS-123999 .
      • The main problem is the DateRange the publication form receives for each portlet. When we use the "From Last Publish Date" option, we always publish through the Changeset Portlet and not the Journal Portlet. And thus, Changeset Portlet will have the last publication date in its portlet preferences (portletID = "com_liferay_exportimport_web_portlet_ChangesetPortlet") updated, while Journal Portlet not ("com_liferay_journal_web_portlet_JournalPortlet"). When we query the deletions, we check them based on these dates.
      • A solution idea: when we publish assets through Changeset Portlet, we should update the last-publish-date value in all other assets' corresponding portlet preferences as well.


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