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Collection Display for Objects does not display all instances, even when "Display All Collection Items" is checked


    The Collection Display does not display all objects returned by the provider even when the "Display All Collection Items" check box is ticked.

    It is also not possible to set the "Maximum Number of Items" value higher than the actual count in the collection.

    This means that the Collection Display will not automatically display new objects within the collection.

    It is necessary to Edit the Page, select the Collection Display and uncheck and recheck the "Display All Collection Items" checkbox, at which point the "Maximum Number of Items" is updated to reflect the new count.

    When "Display All Collection Items" is checked then all objects should be available at all times

    Steps to reproduce

    1. Create a new Object. A simple one will do, a single field. For example, create an Object to called Task and create a single String based field called Name. Configure Title Field as Name and set Scope and Panel Category Key to Site and People. Publish it
    2. Create a form and configure it to use the Object. Create a single text field and link it to the Name field of the Object.
    3. Create a new Content Page. Add and configure the Form widget. Add and configure a Collection Display, i.e. link it to the Tasks collection provider. Change Pagination to Simple or Numeric and select the "Display All Collection Items" checkbox.
    4. Add a Heading widget within the collection display and link it to the Title field.
    5. As there is nothing in the collection then the warning message will display "This collection has no items. You need at least one item to use this configuration."
    6. You can still Publish the page.
    7. Create a new task via the form and edit the content page to finalise the configuration for the collection display, as above.

    Expected behaviour

    • The fact there is nothing in the collection should not be an issue because we have configured the widget to "Display All Collection Items" and not tried to set it to a specific size.

    Actual behaviour

    • If you create another task then it will not appear in the collection.


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