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Multiple Selection fields (Web Content) are not available as Filters in Asset Publisher



      Following the upgrade of Web Content structures from DDM to the Data Engine it is no longer possible to filter Asset Publisher results by Multiple Select fields.  These fields are not presented at all in the selection list for "Filter by Field" in Asset Publisher configuration.  This has two impacts:

      1. In fresh installations users can not filter on Multiple Select fields
      2. In installations upgraded from 7.3 or prior the Asset Publisher widget fails to render and cannot be reconfigured

      Expected Behaviour

      Multiple Select fields added to a Web Content Structure can be used in the Filter by Field feature in Asset Publisher

      Observed Behaviour

      Multiple Select fields are not presented to users in the Filter by Field feature in Asset Publisher and hence cannot be used for filtering purposes.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new Web Content Structure, add a Text field and a Multiple Select field
      2. Add a content article using the new Structure
      3. Add an Asset Publisher widget to a page and configure it to display articles of the new structure
      4. Turn the "Filter by Field" toggle on and click the "Select" button
      5. Observe that the Multiple Select field is missing

      (Note that if the structure only contains a Multiple Select field the "Filter by Field" option will not be displayed at all)




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