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      Orchestrate - Extend Platform Capabilities
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      S04E30 - Sea Change, S05E01 - Dark Souls, S05E02 - Path of Exile, S05E03 - Tibia, S05E04 - Half Life, S05E05 - Tetris


      The goal of this epic is to analyze the current usages of the TreeView component,

      and make sure our new TreeView component covers all the use cases. In case something is missing,
      we should create the tasks required to implement the missing feature(s). Additionally, we should also
      explain what benefits developers would get by using the new TreeView component in terms
      of performance or other aspects. We should also measure the impact of migrating to the new 
      version of TreeView component.

      Mock Ups

      A tree view is a component-based on nodes that are shown in a hierarchical structure. These node can be expanded or collapsed and have nested nodes. The most known example of a tree view is a folder structure for file systems but it can be used for showing any hierarchical relationships. Current usages of tree view was originally created by Echo team and is planned to be migrated to use the Clay version following Lexicon design. The goal of this task is to have all the usages of treeview migrate to Clay version with no functional regressions to portal use cases.  Implementing the Clay tree view will improve some usability and performance issues in certain usecases of tree view where very large number of nodes are used (ie: ~10,000 categories in 1 vocab). Main product teams that utilize tree view are: Echo, Lima, and Tango. 

      Acceptance Criteria:

      1. No functional regressions of Product team Treeview usecases
      2. All implemented Treeview’s look and feel across portal matches Clay Treeview

      Testing Strategy:
      FI team member to directly request product team QAs to review migration PRs for regressions. Check with Bruno to see if this is good or have other ideas to enforce product QA involvement. Internal FI testing of the Clay Treeview component will be scoped in a previous epic


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