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Display of Rich Text fields in Asset Publisher "Filter by Field" is incorrect



       Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create a new Web Content Structure (or Document Type) with at least 2 Rich Text fields.
      2. Create a web content based in the step 1.
      3. Create a page and add an Asset Publisher Widget. 
      4. Try to configure the Asset Publisher:
        • Configuration > Asset selection > Source.
          • Asset Type: Web Content Article.
          • Web Content Article Structures: "choose your structure".
          • Activate Filter by Field and click on "Select".

       Expected Behaviour

      1. The menu displays normally.
      2. Each Rich Text field is displayed with the same width.

       Observed Behaviour

      When using the Filter by Field feature in Asset Publisher the display of Rich Text fields in the "Select Structure Field" list is incorrect in two ways:

      1. The menu toolbar for the Rich Text editor does not display correctly - only the words "Styles" and "Source" are visible, all icons are compressed into a small number of pixels width.  All functionality appears present, although it is essentially unusable.  See attached screenshot - Rich Text editor toolbar Asset Publisher filter by field.
      2. When multiple Rich Text fields are included in the structure each field is displayed wider than the prior one.  See attached screenshot - Rich Text editor widths increase Asset Publisher filter by field.


      • It's more obvious with more than 2 Rich Text Fields.
      • This has been observed for both: Web Content and Document Type structures.


       Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 9.0.53 + Hypersonic Portal master GIT ID: ecc27fec7b8127768f87e469a4069835fb6fcb5e.
      Tomcat 9.0.53 + Hypersonic Portal 7.4.13-DXP-GA1.


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