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Blogs Portlet Does Not Show Content To Guest Role


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      Although portal and portlet permissions have been checked, the Blogs portlet does not show content to users with only the Guest role.

      The Blogs Aggregator portlet shows content on the home page. It's displaying content from two separate blogs on child pages. When authenticated, the content on the pages with the Blogs shows fine. When not authenticated, the content does not appear. Blogs Aggregator will show content whether authenticated or not.

      NOTE: Checked permissionings, if in guest role, blogs are hidden within the default guest community. However, if the blog is clicked through the Blogs Aggregator, blogs can be seen by a guest.

      To Reproduce:
      1) Setup SQL Server for your database
      2) Start Liferay and create a new page in guest community
      3) Add Blogs portlet to that page, and add a blog entry
      4) Make sure that the blog portlet AND the blog entry has guest view permissions
      5) Sign out and hit the page that has your blog portlet on it as guest
      6) You should see an exception in Tomcat, and you will see a blank blog portlet.


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