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Could not view published version in Display page content fragment as a non-author


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a site
    2. Create a user and assign him to the site
    3. Assign permissions to user to view web content
      1. Site Settings > Site: View Site and Asset Library Administration Menu
      2. Web Content: Access in Site and Asset Library Administration
      3. Web Content: View
      4. Asset Library Settings > Asset Library Entry: View Site and Asset Library Administration Menu
      5. Web Content > Web Content: View
      6. Web Content > Web Content Article: View
    4. Create a new Display page template for articles, basic article
    5. Add a "Display page content" fragment
    6. Set the display page as default
    7. Create a new basic article (with "test" as content)
    8. Modify it an set as DRAFT (and "test draft" as new content)
    9. In the list of articles click on the "preview draft" action
    10. Inspecting the HTML code, copy the value of the attribute src of the iframe tag
    11. Log out
    12. Go to the URL copied in step 9
    13. Assert it redirects to the login page
    14. login as the created user
    15. Go to the URL copied in step 9 
    16. Assert the user that is not the author of the web content should have permissions to view version and not for drafts

    Actual result:
    "You do not have the required permissions to view the content of this page." when viewing the content.
    Expected result:
    User is able to view the published version of the web content.


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