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Personalised Dynamic Collection won't reevaluate User after role change



      Reproduction steps

      1. Create a new site role "role1"
      2. Create a new users "user1"
      3. Grant "user1" Membership to the Liferay site
      4. Grant "user1" with site role "role1"
      5. Go to the Liferay site Categories
      6. Create a new Vocabulary and a new Categoriy in it "cat1"
      7. Go to People --> Segments, create a new segment:
        1. "segment1" with the property "Site and Originations Role" equals "role1"
      8. Got to Site Builder --> Collections
      9. Create a dynamic collection
      10. Add a personalised variant to this collection using segment1
      11. Set a Filter for this variant: Contains Category = "cat1"
      12. Create a web content "content0" without any category set
      13. Create a web content "content1" with "cat1"
      14. Create a new widget page and add an Asset Publisher to it
      15. Configure the Asset Publisher and select the new collection to be displayed
      16. Impersonate "test1" user
      17. Check that the Asset Publisher on the widget page displays content1
      18. With the Admin user remove the site role "role' from "test1" user
      19. Impersonate "test1" user
      20. Check that the Asset Publisher on the widget page displays

      Expected behaviour: Both content0 and content1 are displayed
      Actual behaviour: Only content1 is displayed




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