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Private pages produce 'The requested resource could not be found' if not logged in



      We are trying to use the Liferay Docker image from GitHub in Version announced in the Blog Post https://liferay.dev/blogs/-/blogs/liferay-portal-7-4-ga6-and-liferay-commerce-4-0-ga6-release
      and are facing the problem described below, but it seems that the problem occurs with all versions, since

      When trying to access private web pages before a user has been logged in, instead of displaying the login dialog, a message 'Not Found The requested resource could not be found.'
      is displayed on the web page (see screenshot 'Not-Found-testpage.png).


      The following describes a very reduced setup without external DB, elasticsearch, etc., that should already reproduce the problem.

      On a Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.3 we use the Dockerfile provided as attachment to create the container image with a command like the following:

      /usr/bin/docker build -f /opt/liferay/Dockerfile -t feu/liferay: --build-arg LIFERAY_USER_UID=1140 --build-arg LIFERAY_USER_GID=1140 /opt/liferay

      The docker-compose file dc-liferay.yml and the mapped setenv.sh (see attachments as well) are used to start the container with the following command:

      docker-compose -f dc-liferay.yml up -d

      After starting the container access the Home page (https://studyport-local.fernuni-hagen.de).

      • Click on the 'Sign In' link and login with 'test (at) liferay.com' and password 'test'.
      • The 'Not Found' message shown in attachment 'Not-Found-main-css-map.png' is displayed.
      • Click on the icon on the upper left and open the 'Page Tree'.
      • Select the 'Private Pages', click the '+' icon and select 'Add Page'.
      • Click on 'Blank Page', name it 'TestPage' and click 'Add'.
      • You may add some simple content, e.g. an HTML Fragment.
      • Click on 'Publish'.
      • The Message 'Success:The page was published successfully.' appears and the editor stays in Publish mode.
      • Click on the icon on the upper left again and open the 'Page Tree'.
      • The 'TestPage' should now be listed under the 'Private Pages'.
      • Change to 'Public Pages' again and select the 'Home' page again.
      • Click on the User Icon on the upper right and select 'Sign Out' from the Menu
      • In a new Browser Tab now try to access https://studyport-local.fernuni-hagen.de/group/guest/testpage
      • The 'Not Found' message shown in the attachment 'Not-Found-testpage.png' is displayed.
        In earlier Liferay versions, e.g. 7.4.2-ga3-d2.0.2-20210920090041, we got a Login Dialog instead and were able to login at that point!
      • If you click on 'Sign In' now, login and then call the same page in another Browser tab, the page will be displayed.

      In the Liferay log there is no ERROR or any other related logging related to the problem.


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