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Delete as single term to hold "Delete" and "Move to Recycle Bin"


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      The Recycle Bin has a strong presence in Portal as it can be activated and deactivated. When it is active the action is "Move to Recycle Bin" and when it is not is "Delete".

      Right now Move to Recycle Bin is represented by the trash icon and Delete by times-circle icon. While times-circle is very difficult to identify for users, trash icon is very easy to identify as an icon that will delete something.

      The term Move to Recycle Bin is very tight to our application name "Recycle Bin" and it is actually very familiar for mac users where the term is "Move to Bin". But the rest of OSs don't use this terminology, the action is "Delete". There is a high chance that our users are not apple users and therefore this is not a common term for them.

      Exploring other platforms we see that Delete is a more common term and trash icon the most commonly used.

      We performed a test to help us understand what users think when different variants are offered.

      Lexicon Team wants to propose a shift in the way we have these actions to a more simple terminology using only one icon (trash) and one word (Delete) for all cases and making it clear to users through messages what is happening (something that we already do).

      You can find our proposal in thisĀ Figma

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