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"Select from List" field in Web Content Structures incorrectly displays Field Reference not value



      In 7.4 Select from List fields allow multiple options to be defined.  Each option must be given a display label, which is presented to the content author when the article is created.  At the same time a unique "Field Reference" is automatically generated.

      When the Web Content Article is displayed in any context the display label should be shown, however, the Field Reference is being displayed instead.

      This can be seen in various ways.  I have identified the following all exhibiting the same issue:

      • When mapping the Field to a Fragment in a Display Page Template
      • When mapping a Web Content Template containing the field to a Fragment in a Display Page Template
      • When listing results of the Web Content Article in Search Results
      • When adding the field as a Custom Facet in a Search Page

      In some of these cases the issue is more pronounced because in addition to displaying the Field Reference the string is also wrapped with ["..."].  This is present in most cases - the only scenario observed where this does not happen is when mapping the field using a Web Content Template.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Deploy a new U5 bundle
      2. Add a new Web Content Structure
      3. Add a "Select from List" field
      4. Add two or more Options to that field with readable values - e.g. "California", "Arizona" etc.
      5. Add a new Web Content article using the new structure, select one option
      6. Create a Display Page Template for the structure, add a Paragraph fragment and map it to the field.
      7. Set the Display Page Template as the Default for the Structure
      8. Search for the article.  Open it in its display page.

      Expected Behaviour:

      • The value (e.g. "California") is displayed

      Observed Behaviour:

      • The Field Reference (e.g. ["Option88262039"] is displayed


      Additional steps are required to reproduce the issue with a Web Content Template and using the Custom Facet widget.

      Additional unexpected behaviour is observed when the Select from List field is configured as Repeating (this will be logged via another ticket)

      See screenshots for examples




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