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Workflow definition saves the title entered in the translation instead of the default language



      Workflow definition saves the title entered in the translation instead of the default language AND the workflow translation tittle it's not saved, behavior which then prevents finishing the translation proccess

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Go to Open Menu > Workflow > Process Builder
      2. Add a new process
      3. Click on the dropdown toggle of translation language and choose another translation language (different of the default (English))
      4. Execute the translations actions (translate the tittle and the node labels)
      5. (Error 1) Without changing the translation back to the default language, save the definition
      6. (Error 2) Enter in the created definition and change the translation language back to the language you used before

      Expected Result:
      The tittle of the definition should respect the default language which the user/portal/site is configured and the title translated to another languages should be saved too.

      Actual Result:
      Error 1 : When you change the translation language, and fill the definition title with some value then save, this value is reflected (put on top the default language (english)) on the workflow definition title
      Error 2: When the user translate the definition title, the value is not saved, when the user get back to the definition edition and select the translation option again, the title that was inserted before is no longer present

      Observation: The expected result should be the same that we found on the Forms component.

      Verified on master : 6345c62ea4e608c6cd23db768242a45552e4d324


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