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       Task: Consider and discuss the necessity of the unit, integration, or functional tests and test automatisation as well for the particular Story.

      • Create separate test subtasks for each agreed type of test writing and close this sub-task, this task is only for the planning part.


      We write tests and test Stories before we send them to Brian to merge.

      • We use development branch for this.
      • PR naming and coding convention rules for development branch:
        • The rules are the same as on master: Ticket number is mandatory on the PR, useful description on the PR and the ticket as well, etc. We have to follow these general engineering rules: Liferay Coding Conventions[Pull request conventions in Liferay|].
      • We need to decide about what kind of test do we want to do before and after we send the code to master
        • Unit tests: in the dev branch before we send the code
        • Functional (manual) tests if we have UI changes: in the dev branch before we send the code
        • Integration tests:
          • We cannot define a general rule, we discuss these cases on demand.
          • We separate integration test code part from the feature code part. We use different sub-tasks for these. If it takes too much time we postpone the integration test writing.




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