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Recurring all-day events span 2 days after daylight savings change



      Recurring all-day events display with a 2-day span after a daylight savings time change if your calendar is configured to use a Time Zone that has daylight savings.

      This is because the recurring Calendar Events are generated using the UTC time zone, which doesn't have daylight savings time. So when they are displayed on a Calendar which does have daylight savings time, their start and end times are offset by an hour after the daylight savings time shift, making them start at 1:00am and end at 12:59am the next day, for example. This causes them to display with a two-day span on the Calendar.

      We actually do have logic in place already to account for the daylight savings time shift when generating the recurring events. However, this logic does not work properly because the wrong time zone is being passed into it. We pass in the UTC time zone when we should be passing in the display time zone of the Calendar.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Add the following line to portal-ext.properties:


      2. Start up Liferay connected to a fresh database and log in as the admin user.
      3. Create a new Widget Page and add a Calendar Widget to it.
      4. Open the Calendar Widget "Configuration" screen and change the timezone to CST. Save the configuration.
      5. Click on Add Event and create a new event with the following parameters:

      • Title: [Any title is fine]
      • Starts: 03/04/2022
      • All Day: Checked
      • Repeat: Checked
        • Repeat: Weekly
        • Repeat Every: 1
        • Repeat On: Friday
        • Stop Repeating: Never

      Click Done, then Publish.
      6. Observe the instances of the event on the Calendar both before and after March 13.
      Expected Result: All instances of the event would be shown on Friday only.
      Actual Result: The instances of the event before March 13 are displayed correctly; however, the instances of the event after March 13 span both Friday and Saturday.




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