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Enabling the rating for guests on Web Content Display objects.



      Is it possible to enable guests to rate webcontent journal display object in a page?

      Currently it is only allowed for known users and not for unknown users.

      The feature would greatly enhance the ability to implement Liferay as a more Social platform where not all participants are known or want to be known.

      In the file /taglib/ui/ratings/page.jsp there is the check if the current user is signed in and therefore allowed to vote. Is it possible to make this configurable to the Omni Admin or the community admin so if set to known users the check will be the same as the current and if the guests are allowed to vote that it is based on IP adres. The same as Polls?

      <c:if test="<%= !themeDisplay.isFacebook() %>">
      <div class="taglib-ratings <%= type %>">
      <c:when test='<%= type.equals("stars") %>'>
      <c:when test='<%= themeDisplay.isSignedIn() %>'>
      <div class="liferay-rating-vote" id="<%= randomNamespace %>ratingStar">
      <div id="<%= randomNamespace %>ratingStarContent">
      <div class="aui-rating-label-element"><liferay-ui:message key="your-rating" /></div>

      for (int i = 1; i <= numberOfStars; i++) {

      <a class="aui-rating-element <%= (i <= yourScore) ? "aui-rating-element-on" : StringPool.BLANK %>" href="javascript:;"></a>

      <aui:input checked="<%= i == yourScore %>" label='<%= (yourScore == i) ? LanguageUtil.format(pageContext, "you-have-rated-this-x-stars-out-of-x", new Object[]

      {i, numberOfStars}) : LanguageUtil.format(pageContext, "rate-this-x-stars-out-of-x", new Object[] {i, numberOfStars}

      ) %>' name="rating" type="radio" value="<%= i %>" />






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