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After adding a role to a segment, the role does not show up in the user's roles



      Reproduction Steps

      1. Setup Liferay DXP 7.2 with Fix Pack 11
      2. Create a regular role: TestRole
      3. Create 1 group: TestGroup
      4. Add your user to the group in the previous step
        1. go to Users > User Groups
        2. click on ⋮ next to the group > Assign Members > + sign
        3. select your user > Add
      5. Create a new segment NewSegment with the conditions:
      6. User Group equals TestGroup
      7. Assert that the User is shown as a member of the segment
      8. Assign this segment to the role: TestRole
        1. go to Users > Roles > TestRole
        2. click on Assignees > Segments > + sign
        3. select NewSegment > Add
      9. Assert that assigning the segment works: 1 member is shown
      10. Return to the user
        1. go to Users and Organizations > your user
        2. click on Roles

       Expected Behavior
      The role TestRole shows up.

       Actual Behavior
      The role TestRole does not show up.

       Reproduced on: 7.2.x


       Reproduced on: master


       Additional Information
      On the master, you need to enable roles for segments in System Settings > Segments > Segment Service > Enable Assign Roles by Segment.
      It is also advised to set the Segments Preview Check Interval to 5 so that the segment would show up sooner.




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