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Logout post event not triggering with OpenSSO Integration



      Hi All,

      Background :
      I have used EXT environment to create a custom action class to be triggered at log-out and
      modified my portal-ext.properties to include the custom action class as shown below.

      1. Logout event
        logout.events.post=com.liferay.portal.events.LogoutPostAction,com.liferay.portal.events.DefaultLogoutPageAction,com.liferay.portal.events.SiteMinderLogoutAction, com.mycompany.events.PostLogoutAction

      I am using LifeRay integration with OpenAM(OpenSSO) for user authentication.

      Problem :
      My custom login actin is not triggering at the user logout. Infact, non of the default custom action class are triggering when the user is logging out from the portal (Verified by running debugger). The user is logging out fine from the OpenAM ... but LifeRay post logout events are not triggering.

      Exception :
      I disabled the OpenAM(OpenSSO) integration, and login and logout from the portal, all the events are triggering at the logout ... so not user what's happening with the OpenSSO enable !

      Please provide immediate response, as we are working on the deadline to fix this issue and roll out this extension to our production LifeRay.




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