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Widget scopes not correctly applied when staging



      Steps to Reproduce:
      1. Go to Content & Data > Blogs and add a new blog entry "a" > Publish
      2. Go to Site Builder > Pages > Add a new Public Page > Blank Template > "testpage" > Save
      3. Add a Blogs widget to page
      4. Go to Blogs widget Configuration > Scope > Change to "testpage" > Save
      5. Publish the page
      6. Go to Content & Data > change from Default Scope to "testpage" > Blogs
      7. Add a new blog entry "b"
      8. Go to Product Menu > Publishing > Staging > Enable Local Live (with all default settings) > Save
      9. Go to site page

      Expected Behavior: Scoped blog entry "b" is shown
      Actual Behavior: Default scope blog entry "a" is shown, but when clicking the page edit icon, we see the scoped entry "b"

      This is reproducible with any widget whose scope can be changed as long as it is not selected as Staged Content when turning on Staging.

      The issue also affects Widget pages and can be seen when the scope of the widget on the staging page is set to something different than the scope on the live page.


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