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As a Site Template Administrator, I want to trigger propagation of the site template changes to all the connected sites automatically




      Sometimes it may be necessary to trigger the propagation from a Site Template to the connected sites in a controlled way. For example if there is a heavy set of changes that the Site Template administrators want to do and then apply to all the sites, that may cause performance problems and so that may need more careful planning.

      We want to have a configuration with which Instance Administrators can change the default method of the Site Template propagation at the switch off/on feature that implemented here through the LPS-124594 story. With that configuration two kinds of propagation method can be configured:

      1. Switching the propagation on again, the propagation to the sites will start when the first hit comes to the site (current working)
      2. Switching the propagation on again, the propagations are queued for an immediate propagation to each of the sites immediately.

      Acceptance Criteria

      1. AC-1
        • Given that the Site Template propagation method on the current instance has been configured so on the Instance level
        • When I switch the Site Template propagation on as a Site Template Administrator
        • Then the propagation should be started/queued immediately for all the sites that connects to the specific Site Template.
      2. AC-2
        • Given that Site Template propagation method is configured to the default on Instance level
        • When I switch the Site Template propagation on as a Site Template Administrator
        • Then the propagations should be started only when the first hit by the End Users comes to the site.

      Possible steps for QA:
      0. Enable Trigger Propagation under System Settings -> Infrastructure -> Site Templates
      1. Create a Site Template and a Site from it
      2. Disable the propagation on the Template and make some changes
      3. Enable propagation
      4. Visit the Site

      Expected: Changes from the template were applied on the Site.
      (Without step 0, when we visit the Site, we see the previous state and the propagation is happening in the backround, therefore we have to refresh the page to see the changes. With step 0, the propagation starts at step 3, when we enabled it.) 


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