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All Collections are mixed if the setting to "Combine Assets from All Segments in Asset Publisher for Dynamic Collections" is enabled


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      Activating the setting of "Combine Assets from All Segments in Asset Publisher for Dynamic Collections" is mixing all Contents from all existing collections in Asset Publishers mapped to a collection.


      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a new Structure with some fields. Let's call it Structure 1
      2. Create one Content using this new Structure
      3. Create another Content using the Basic Web Content Structure
      4. Configure a Collection to filter all contents belonging to the Structure 1
      5. Configure another Collection to filter all contents belonging to the Basic Web Content structure
      6. Create a page and add a Asset Publisher into it and connect it to the first Collection. Publish it
      7. Confirm that by default, you only see contents created with the Structure 1
      8. Change the setting in System Settings > Assets > Collection: check "Combine Assets from All Segments in Asset Publisher for Dynamic Collections"
      9. Refresh the page

      Expected result

      As we haven't define variations, you still see the same amount of contents: only the one that is based on the structure that is filtered in the Collection and connected in the Asset Publisher

      Actual result

      You now see two contents: the structured content and the basic web content because with this setting the system is using all collections instead of the configured one in the Asset Publisher. The idea of this setting in theory is to get all variations from the configured collection in the Asset Publisher, but not no mix all Collections


      Additional Notes

      This happens also with Manual Collections and activating the setting for Manual Collections (same place)

      To simplify the steps, I am not adding Variations at the Collection Level as it doesn't seem to be needed. But maybe for the Expected results it's better to have some variation and then test that you get more assets when checking the setting.


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