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Post 7.3 -> 7.4 upgrade, filter by Category/Tag UI in Collections and Asset Publisher configuration is missing




      After upgrading from 7.3 to 7.4 U20 the UI that allows Collections and Asset Publishers to filter by Tags and Categories is missing.


      Collections and Asset Publisher allow users to Filter dynamic configurations by one or more Tags or Categories.  This is done via the "Filter" section of the configuration options for both features.

      Following an upgrade of 7.3 to 7.4 U20 (also observed on U18) the "Filter" section is still visible, with the intro text of "Displayed items must match these rules" (Collections) or "Displayed assets must match these rules" (Asset Publisher) but the remaining UI (all of the actual configuration options) are entirely missing.

      (See attached screenshots for before upgrade in 7.3 and after upgrade in 7.4)


      • This issue is not seen with a fresh install of 7.4, only on upgrades
      • Existing configurations for both Asset Publisher and Collections are maintained and work as expected - but cannot be changed
      • New Asset Publishers and Collections cannot be filtered by Tag/Category

      Expected Behaviour

      Collections and Asset Publishers can be configured to Filter on Tags/Categories

      Observed Behaviour

      The UI to enable Collections and Assets Publishers to be configured to Filter on Tags/Categories is missing

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Install a fresh 7.3 Bundle
      2. Create a Vocabulary, and several categories
      3. Create several Web Content articles (Basic Web Content is sufficient), add Categories from the new Vocabulary to them
      4. Deploy an Asset Publisher widget to a page, configure it as "Dynamic" and to filter on one Category and observe that only articles with the matching Category are displayed
      5. Add a Collection with a similar configuration
      6. Deploy a 7.4 U20 bundle
      7. Configure the portal-ext.properties to point to the 7.3 database
      8. Upgrade the 7.3 database to 7.4
      9. Start up the 7.4 instance
      10. Re-index the Elasticsearch index
      11. Observe that the Asset Publisher is still displaying the same results
      12. Configure the Asset Publisher and note that the UI for Filtering on Tags/Categories is missing
      13. Configure the Collection and note that the UI for Filtering on Tags/Categories is missing
      14. Add a new Collection and/or Asset Publisher and note that the UI for Filtering on Tags/Categories is missing


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