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A user needs to clear browser/CDN cache when upgrading to U21 or Master from U20 or below



      I upgraded a Liferay DXP installation on my laptop from U20 to U21 founding no problems in the process. However as soon as Liferay DXP started I started seeing different problems in the front end, not being able to log in or to see the Control Panel menus (once I could log by using /c/portal/login URL).

      Everything started to work again once I deleted the browser's cache but that shouldn't be neccessary if we are properly adding the corresponding timestamp parameter to our Javascript, CSS, etc. calls.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Download and install Liferay DXP 7.4 U20
        1. Add a license
        2. Start it and follow the upgrade wizard. HSQL is fine. 
        3. Create some contents and pages just to test it (one content page with a grid and a button and one basic web content)
        4. Stop it
      2. Download DXP 7.4 U21 and update the local U20 installation with it (following the instructions here)
      3. Start it again
      4. Try to login

      Expected result

      You can login. 


      Actual result

      You can not login. You won't see any problem on Liferay log but you will see a good amount of Javascript errors if you open the Browser tools and go to Console tab. (attached). You can now add /c/portal/login in the URL and add your login details. Now you will be logged in but you will notice that the Control Panel or the Main Navigation menu (left) don't really work.

      You can now empty your browser cache (ex. last 24 hours if you did everything in a single day or fully if you don't mind) and you will see that now everything works. In case any pull-through caching/CDN is being utilized, you need to fully flush it, which will result in increased load for the Liferay service.


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