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Polls Display Portlet isn't being considered in the upgrade process to 7.4


    Steps to reproduce

    1. Startup a 7.3 portal
    2. Go to Site Builder > Pages
    3. Add a new Public Page of type Widget Page
    4. Go to the Public Page just created
    5. Add Polls Display Portlet to the page using the + button placed in the up right corner
    6. Click on Add button to add a new Poll
    7. Click on Select Poll button and choose the Poll just created
    8. Shutdown the portal
    9. Using master branch, run the upgrade tool to migrate the database of 7.3 to be used on master (more details about how to run the upgrade tool here)

    Expected result

    The Polls Display Portlet should be replaced by the Form Portlet in the public page and it should display a form equivalent to the polls created previously.

    Actual result

    No equivalent Portlet is displayed


    Tip to fix

    Create a new upgrade process like PollsToDDMUpgradeProcess which updates the reference of Polls Display Portlet to Form Portlet in the column typeSettings of the database table named Layout. The new upgrade process may use the method updateLayout from LayoutLocalService to complete this task.


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