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Missing Content Tab on Content Page, 100% feature restore.



      On a widget page in the add menu there is a content tab. This allows us to drag existing web content (web content display) images and documents (asset publisher) onto the page so that we can add content quickly. This feature is useful because if a site admin removes content from a page they can get it back quickly, they can also search for web content and images from this sidebar.

      This process cannot currently be done on a content page, which makes the content page slower to interact with compared to a widget page. It also means when converting a widget page to a content page this feature is lost. As a content creator also I can add new web content directly from that sidebar, this feature is also missing from content pages and it's now harder because I have to save my draft or publish the page in order to go to Web Content to add new web content. It's just very frustrating now that there is no easy way to get to existing content on a content page. Widget pages are still easier.

      The "Content" section of the content page sidebar currently only shows the content on that particular page, it doesn't display an existing content on the portal.

      All that to say when deleting fragment content from a content page, you cannot get it back and the feature to access web content via quick drag and drop is missing. You as a site admin who are used to using a widget page now content features are missing from a content page. And mapping your existing knowledge from a widget page is likely to lead also to believing that you may be able to remove fragments off the page and get them back and you can't.

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