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Accessibility errors in calendar date picker component liferay-ui:input-date



      Description: The client is complaining about not being able to navigate backwards with keyboard when using tag liferay-ui:input-date, popover not closing automatically and losing focus going on top of the page, above that if pressing ESC tab is losing focus on the date input.

      1. You could either use the tag lib `liferay-ui:input-date` inside a JSP file or do a search using the portal Search Bar, if any results are found in Last modified section you could use Custom Range
      2. Use TAB to move on the input, press ENTER to open the input press TAB again to focus on the popover, press ESC to close it, you lose focus on the current input (first case)
      3. Use TAB to move on the input, press ENTER to open the input, press TAB again to focus on the popover, press TAB + SHIFT twice to go backwards, you lose focus on the popover going out of it without closing and going backwards to the inputs. (second case)
      4. On yui3-calendar-header-label class, there is an incorrect attribute aria-role="heading" which could be fixed with role="heading" or replacing DIV with H1 element (third case)

      Actual: All the described cases are not working

      Expected: All the above described cases are fixed

      Note: In LPS-135935 was sent a pull related to the fixes the client is asking for, but eventually was overwritten inside portal code see commit maybe is possible to do same for this tag lib


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