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Feature to exporting all the Form entries, not only the 'Approved' ones


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      After setting a Workflow in a form, form entries status could be 'draft' (if the user do not submit for publication), 'pending' (if user submit for publication but entry is not approved) or 'Approved' (if entry is approved).

      Currently, export function from Site Menu > Forms > 'Selected Form' > (three dots button) View Entries, (form-entries.png) only exports 'Approved' entries since version 7.0 (exported-entries.png ) and a customer is asking for exporting all of those entries (or any option to enable exporting the rest of entries). This customer told us that they are using more than 100 forms in his Intranet and he is looking for features in forms as an excuse to upgrade to 7.4.

      Having said that, it could be interesting a feature to enable the option to export all the entries, not only the 'Approved' ones. I think there is no more different status for form entries, anyway, this FR applies to all the possible status.

      Please let me know if I can help with anything more luiz.jardim


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