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Publishing a Globally-scoped Web Content Display widget can cause the Staging Group Id to erroneously map to the Global Group Id.


    When publishing a page that contains a Globally-scoped Web Content Display widget, the publish process may erronesusly map the Staging Group Id to the Global Group Id. This can cause issues later on in the publish process if there are subsequent portlets being published that reference the Staging Group Id, as it will cause it to be converted to the Global Group Id rather than the Live Group Id during the publish.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1. Start up Liferay and log in as the admin user.
    2. Navigate to the Global Site and create a new Basic Web Content article named "Global Article".
    3. Create a new Site named "Test Site".
    4. Enable Local Live Staging on "Test Site" using the default configurations.
    5. Create a new Basic Web Content article on the Staging "Test Site" named "Site Article".
    6. Create a new Content Page on the Staging "Test Site".
    7. Add a Web Content Display widget to the top of the Content Page.
    8. Configure the Web Content Display widget to have the Global Scope (under the "Scope" tab), then configure it to display the "Global Article" from step 2. Click Save.
    9. Beneath the Web Content Display widget, add an Asset Publisher widget.
    10. Configure the Asset Publisher widget as follows:

    • Asset Selection: Manual
    • Scope: Click "Select", then "Global". The Scope should now be showing as "Current Site (Test Site)" + "Global"
    • Asset Entries: Basic Web Content > Site Article.
    • Save

    11. Publish the draft Content Page (i.e. the Content Page Draft Publish, NOT the Staging Publish).
    12. Navigate to Publishing > Staging.
    13. Perform a publish using the default settings.
    14. Navigate to the Content Page on the Live Site.
    Expected Result: The Asset Publisher would be displaying the "Site Article"
    Actual Result: The Asset Publisher displays "There are no results."


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