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Liferay Form loses reference to uploaded document when edited within workflow


    Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Create a new form with a single Upload field. This field should be required and repeatable.
    2. Configure the form to "Require User Authentication" and "Limit to One Submission per User". Finally, set the form to use the Single Approver workflow
    3. Add the form to a a page on the site
    4. Create a new user who is a member of the site but has no other role
    5. In another browser or incognito window, navigate to the site and sign in with the new user.
    6. Complete the form, either with a single or multiple document via the Upload field. Submit the form
    7. Return to the admin and use the notifications / workflow tasks to assign the form to me and reject it
    8. Return back to the author of the form, check notifications and see the form has been rejected
    9. Edit the form

    Expected Result:
    The form should remember the previously submitted files / documents

    Actual Result:
    The previously uploaded documents and not set

    Reproduced on:
    Tomcat 9.0.56 + Hypersonic
    Liferay Digital Experience Platform 7.4.13 Update 24 (Cavanaugh / Build 7413 / May 13, 2022)




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