When issuing "ant war" from the SDK /ext directory, the wrong property is used.
      This can be shown by adding:
      <target name="showModuleName">


      to build-common-ext.xml and have the "war" target depend on "showModuleName,compile".

      If we assume we have an ext-project named "webshop-ext", building directly in /ext/webshop-ext will work fine, but building in the ext directory will use when the build descends into the submodules of the webshop-ext project. I.e. would be expected to be "ext-service" in that submodule.

      The problem possibly relates to passing params to ant tasks. This will have the param be sent as a command line parameter and not inhibited by subsequent inheritAll="false". So when the first level of "loop-modules" in "build-common-plugins.xml" is executed, the inheritAll="false" of the "war-module" task will not inhibit the outer (= webshop-ext) to be sent. When the "compile" target of build-common-ext.xml subsequently is called, sending a as param in compilation antcalls will be overriden by the sent as command line parameter and will thus still be "webshop-ext" instead of the expected "service" etc.




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