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Form that uses Object storage fails to import


    I have created an Object, and an associated Form that uses that Object as Storage. It works perfectly as intended, but when I try to import that form to another environment it fails. Both environments are in U18.

    First I export the source Object as JSON, and import it in the destination environment, and it imports succesfully. Then I export the form, and when I try to import it fails with the message:

    "No ObjectDefinition exists with the primaryKey 23599310"

    I've checked that the original Object does have the id 23599310, but the destination Object (the one I've imported in the destination environment using the JSON import) has a different id (21174136). 

     Expected result: After importing thr relevant object, a form that uses that object as storage can be imported and works correctly.

    Actual result: After importing the relevant object, the form that uses that object can not be imported.


    Edit: I've uploaded the Object JSON we've used to import


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