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Users are unable to subscribe to message boards for Organisations


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      We have set up organisations in a hierarchy using types (Department -> School -> Class). We have set up a number of classes with users being assigned as members and then given appropriate roles e.g. Teacher, Student, Parent. When the user opts to subscribe to the whole message board for that organisation, the system appears to have stored their selection but immediately after a new post, their subscription is lost. The business scenario is: Parent logs in, accesses a class and subscribes then a teacher logs in and creates a new announcement for their class that they are teaching.

      To reproduce:
      As admin (does not seem to matter what type of account you use) create an organisation
      Manage pages and add a page with message board
      Select subscribe - link changes to Unsubscribe
      Create a new post

      You will now see that you are not subscribed, the link is now Subscribe.

      We are using Message boards extensively and really is the core communication mechanism for the teacher to parent and eventually, teacher to student.

      Additional detail
      Subscription to the root category (0) for a message board on a private page is removed when posting a new thread.

      The subscription details are persisted to the database, but appear to removed during the post new thread process.

      Trace completed

      Tracing the Subscription services shows that the first subscription is persisted to the subscription table, but it is removed when the "Post New Thread" button is clicked.

      Hence, when the subscription view page is refreshed, the subscription is null and the "subscribe" link is rendered, rather than the expected "unsubscribe".

      The method call to "deleteSubscription" on line 240 in class "com.liferay.portlet.messageboards.messaging.MBMessageListener" fits with the observed issue.

      The reason why the call to "GroupLocalServiceUtil.hasUserGroup" returns false is, as yet, unknown, but it does show where the subscription is being deleted.


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