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Allow permissioning of Liferay resources by Accounts and Account Roles


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      There are many transactional use cases where it would very useful to be able to limit access to resources (e.g. Documents) based on Account membership or Account membership and specific Account Roles. 

      Some examples would be to allow specific users on an Account to upload documents such as purchase orders or to allow other users to download Invoices.  Another example would be to sell digital products and allow certain members of the Account to access those digital products.

      Usecase #1

      One of the prospects is a shipping forwarder who wants a customer portal. The top priorities of what they want to achieve are:

      1. The prospect wants to let their customers add their vendors by self-service, such as members of their warehouse, etc. 
      2. The prospect wants to share assets with each customer for booking with appropriate data segregation (obviously, customer A can not see customer B's assets, but the prospect can view all of them).

      Intended Behavior

      The prospect wants to achieve the requirements above on a single site.

      The prospect's customers are more than 2k. The requirement above is currently achievable using Organizations, Organization Sites, and Accounts on 7.4 U31. However, a multiple-site approach may not be realistic for this number of customers.




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