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Control panel options not changed to User's language when using a virtualHostname layout with different default language



      Please see PTR-3174 for additional details.

      When accessing a site through the layoutSet's virtualHostname, it may not be possible for the user to change the language if it differ's from the virtualHostname's default language.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Log in with Test Test user (which has English as default language).
      2. Add a new site with Spanish as default language, and English (US) and Spanish as current.
      3. Define a virtual host for the new site's URL: test.example.com, (you previously have to define it in your SO hosts file), only for the Spanish language.
      4. Add a new widget page to the site.
      5. Log in with Test user in test.example.com:8080. Navigate to the widget page created in the previous step.
      6. Note that an alert message shows up and offers you the possibility to change the language: "Display the page in English (United States)."
      7. Click on the option to change it.

      Expected Result: The page is displayed in English.

      Actual Result: The page remains in Spanish, and the alert reappears.


      Reproduced on Master e724c92f344555832c


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