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Look and feel modal bug - position of modal is determined by location of first modal instance


    • 6.0.x
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      On a long page containing a few portlets where the browser has vertical scroll, the first time a user opens the 'look and feel' modal window it is positioned in view withouth the user having to scroll.

      However, if the user scrolls to a different part of the page and opens the 'look and feel' modal for a different portlet this modal opens in the same location as the first instance of the look and feel modal meaning the user won't necessarily know it's opened and would have to either scroll up or down the page depending on where the first one opened.

      This issue occurs in the classic theme in all browsers.

      Attached screengrab shows the position of the look and feel modal bug - the portlet it was opened from is at the top of the page but the modal appeared near the bottom of the page - where I first opened the look and feel modal for another portlet near the bottom of the page.


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