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      Test Map

      Test Summary: Verify if the button "+ Add Activation Key" is disabled when the user reaches the maximum number of activation keys allowed

      Initial Steps:

      1. Go to control panel
      2. Create a new instance of CP 2.0 site

      Test Steps:

      1. Go to a DXP project account (Test Account 7.4)
      2. Go to Activation Key page
      3. Click at Product button
      4. Click at DXP button
      5. Click at Actions drop down button
      6. Click at Generate New button
      7. Select the Product field as DXP
      8. Select the Version field as 7.4
      9. Select the Key Type field as Production
      10. Select a subscription with 3 keys available
      11. Click the Next button
      12. Assert that "+ Add Activation Key" button is deactivated
      13. Fulfill the Environment Name field
      14. Fulfill the Host Name field
      15. Repeat the Steps bellow 2 times:
        1. Click at "+ Add Activation Key" button
        2. Fulfill the Host Name field
      16. Assert that "+ Add Activation Key" button is deactivated
      17. Put the mouse over "+ Add Activation Key" button
      18. Assert that the tool tip with the message "Maximum number of Activation Keys reached for this subscription." shows up.




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