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pdfs are downloading instead of preview with directory indexing on



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start the bundle and log in as admin
      2. Navigate to Control Panel > Sites, create a new site, name it ‘test site’
      3. In site settings under Documents and media, enable directory indexing, then save
      4. Navigate to Site menu > Content and Data > Documents and media
      5. Create a folder, name it ‘test’
      6. Upload a jpg and a pdf file in ‘test’ folder
      7. From document information, copy the latest URL(see attached picture LPP-45805)
      8. Navigate to Site builder > Pages, create a new page, name it test page
      9. Add an html fragment to ‘test page’ and enter edit mode
      10. Add the following code: (Change the folder paths and IDs in the href tags to the ones from your setup, but keep the below format. The IDs we need are in the latest URL.)
      <a href="/documents/test-site/test/dummy.pdf">test link pdf 1</a>
      <a href="/documents/37824/37831/dummy.pdf">test link pdf 2</a>
      <a href="/documents/test-site/test/testpicture.jpg">test link picture 1</a>
      <a href="/documents/37824/37831/testpicture.jpg/">test link picture 2</a>


      Expected result: When a user clicks on the link, it opens a preview
      Actual result: When the link is a friendly URL of the file path, it downloads instead of the preview (see attached video for better understanding LPP-45805)

       When links used in web content, they always open as preview. See on the video attached.  LPP-45805

       On master the JPG downloads, the PDF does not load at all with friendly URLs.
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