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      After creating an RSS feed for Web Content in Liferay, the RSS feed portlet does not update itself to show any subsequent article changes or additions. The portlet only displays web content that was created before the feed was created. When the RSS feed is viewed in a separate window from the portlet however, the feed shows all updates as it should.

      Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:

      1. Log into Liferay
      2. Add a Web Content display portlet in the Welcome page
      3. Add new Web Content; title it "Article 1" and Save/Publish it
      4. Go to Control Panel
      5. Click Web Content
      6. Click Feed
      7. Click Add New Feed
      8. Create a new RSS Feed, name it "Feed 1"
      9. Type /web/guest/home into the Target Page Friendly URL field
      10. Select "General" under "Web Content Type"
      11. Save
      12. Click on the newly created RSS feed
      13. Copy the newly created URL
      13. Go to the Welcome page and add an RSS portlet
      14. Add the newly created URL into the RSS Portlet configuration screen
      15. Save
      16. Note that Article 1 is displayed in the feed
      17. Create a new article (Article 2) in the Web Content portlet and Save/Publish

      You will see that the RSS portlet does not show Article 2. However, when you click on the link "Feed 1" which redirects the user to a new window showing the feed, the new article is indeed displayed along with the original article.

      It is also noticed that when steps 4 through 15 are repeated once more (title the feed "Feed 2"), the newly created feed does indeed show all recent article changes and additions in the portlet.


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