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Problem with Ant build Tasks for Ext environment


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      6.0.x, 5.2.x
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      What we're seeing:

      In our Ext Environment, we have classes in both the ext-impl/src and ext-util-java/src locations. As the ext-custom-ext-util-java.jar ends up in the portal class path, we expected we could have classes in ext-impl depend on ext-util-java classes. However, it seems the ant tasks only provide the ext-service/classes to each of the other ext section's classpath when compiling.

      What we would like to know:

      Is this a bug with the Ext Ant build tasks, or is this intentional? If this is intentional, could you provide a bit of information on why ext-impl classes should be prevented from depending on ext-util-java, ext-util-bridges, ext-util-taglib?

      NOTE: Tried Plugins SDK where there's a java class in ext-util-java and a java class in ext-impl. The class in ext-impl tries to call a method in the ext-util-java, when deploying ant on the EXT, there is a build error. (Used Liferay's PwdGenerator.java and created a class in impl to call a method that exists in Liferay first. Ant build works. When an additional method is added to PwdGenerator.java, build error shows up when compiling.)


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